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Dear GMB Member,

As you will be aware, BA announced today that it proposed to outsource approximately 400 jobs on the ramp, including the TRMs and Arrivals Customer Service. In addition, the company has proposed to make approximately 170 of the remaining staff redundant.

Over the next few days your reps and full time union officials will be studying the company’s proposals in detail as well as the information which we have be provided under the Trade Union and Labour Relations (consolidation) Act, before starting formal redundancy and TUPE discussions with the company next week.

In a statement to the BBC tonight, the GMB union said the announcement was a “disaster for staff morale”.

Gavin Davies, of the GMB union, said: “We will want to see proper consultations with our members on the way forward.

“GMB members want BA to take this announcement off the table to allow this to happen.”

This is a sad day for BA staff at Gatwick, rest assured, your GMB reps will keep you fully updated as talks progress, and we will continue to do everthing in our power to secure as many jobs for our members in BA as possible.

Your GMB Reps and Officers