Outsourcing Update

In A Scale, Band 2/3, Communications, Transformation Business Plan by GMB Gatwick Communications

At a meeting with the senior Trade Union Reps and Trade Union officers this morning, the company formally rejected all the proposals which we had put forward to try and avoid outsourcing. Consequently, the company informed us that they intend to continue with their proposal of 11th April to outsource all ‘under the wing’ activity including the TRMs and Arrivals Customer Services.

The reps in these areas have worked tirelessly to come up with proposals to meet the company’s demands to become cost competitive, and all the proposals delivered significant cost savings for the company. GMB is hugely disappointed by the company’s decision, and we have told the company that our position has not changed, and we do not accept outsourcing of any of our members jobs, and we have called emergency National Sectional Panel meetings for next week. As yet the third party supplier has not been announced.

In the coming weeks we will be re examining the proposals put forward in a last attempt to come up with alternatives. However, the clock is ticking and we now need to enter into serious negotiations to ensure that our members who are facing TUPE transfer are offered the best packages possible, in terms of enhanced VS, redeployment and substitutional severance.