PAY AWARD 2014/15

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Dear Colleagues,

The company have sent a letter to the GMB negotiating team, informing us that UNITE  have accepted the company pay offer for 2014/15. The company are intending on implementing the pay rises they offered in the September payroll to all colleagues, irrespective of which union they belong to.

We are very surprised that our sister trade union have accepted the pay award as our ‘joint union pay claim’ was for an inflation plus pay rise. However, since the last joint meeting with representatives for UNITE in January of this year, they did not attend other joint meetings with the trade unions. We do not know why UNITE changed their mind and decided not to pursue an inflation plus pay rise as was originally agreed. It was also clear that the company could finance such a pay award. We believe if our sister union had maintained and supported the ‘joint trade union’ position we may have obtained more for you.

GMB believe that colleagues working for BA are definitely worth more. We believe that BA have the funds to provide more, but have made a choice not to. Perhaps due to the weakness of others during the negotiations?

GMB members can feel satisfied that your GMB negotiating team managed to obtain through negotiations with the company, an underpin for the lower paid colleagues, this will apply to the bonuses that are linked to this pay rise. Our sister union negotiating team, was not in favour of this protection for lower paid colleagues. It was left up to your GMB negotiating team to fight and pursue this matter with the company. GMB is pleased that the company listened to GMB regards the underpin, which is now to be included in the pay deal to all trade unions.

The company will implement the pay deal in September. Hopefully this Newsbrief will help colleagues counter the silly rumours, and written comments and such other daft behaviour by some less informed and junior reps within the dwindling ranks of our sister union. Actually what some of these union reps are telling you, is that they were prepared to accept any offer that was put in front of them, without challenging the company!! Thank goodness not all of our sister union reps behave in such a manner (where relations are very good and they have a fighting spirit).

Yours Sincerely

GMB BA NSP (or equivalent) Reps