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Equal Right for GMB Members

GMB has been at the forefront of the fight for equality within trade unions, at the workplace and within society for many years. Women make up nearly 40 per cent of our members. We have had structural arrangements for women since 1980. Our Equal Rights structure also covers discrimination on the grounds of disability, age and sexual orientation and equality issues for men.

National and Regional Equal Rights Advisory Committees advise on Union equal rights policy and liase with National and Regional Race Committees. They advise on recruitment and participation within GMB at all levels of women and other groups which experience discrimination. The Head of Equal Rights acts as Secretary to the National Equal Rights Advisory Committee.

GMB remains one of the few unions to have reserved seats for women at both Central Executive Council and Regional Council levels. GMB sends full delegations to the TUC and Labour Party Women’s Conferences and the TUC Lesbian and Gay Conference. A reserved seat for Lesbian and Gay workers on the TUC General Council was set up in 2001.

Alan Fraser is Regional Equalities Officer . Telephone 0208 397 8881 or email

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hopesun_fullcolourweb_v_Variation_200_100Hope not Hate

GMB campaigns to defeat the British National Party (BNP). Wherever the BNP stands candidates in elections whether it’s council elections or Parliamentary elections, GMB will campaign against the far right.

The BNP seeks to appear moderate and respectable but IT IS NOT. Scratch the surface and you will find that the BNP is the same old racist political organisation that it always was.
GMB runs co – ordinated national and regional campaigns wherever organisations like the BNP and the English Defence League raise their racist/fascist views and wherever the far right are standing in any election.
Go to  and sign up to the campaign.