Cash Benefits

Being a member of GMB is good for your health – and your pocket. GMB helps by paying members the following benefits (qualification for these benefits is free to members).

  • pay
  • Permanent Total Disablement Grant
  • Occupational Fatal Accident Benefit
  • Non-occupational Accident Benefit
  • Funeral Benefit
  • Victimisation Benefit
  • Regional Sickness Benefit Fund

Below is a summary of some GMB benefits, but please speak to one of the reps for more information.

Dispute or lock-out pay (per week)
Grade 1 = £50.00
Grade 2 = £25.00

Accident or assault at work causing absence of 3 weeks or more (per week)
Grade 1 = £9.25 (up to 11 weeks)
Grade 2 = £4.00 (up to 11 weeks)

Total disablement caused by an accident at work
Up to £10,000

Fatal accident at work
Up to £10,000

Fatal accident outside work
Up to £5,000

Funeral grant
Up to £300

Victimisation benefit

£21 per week (up to six weeks)