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Gate Tick Sheets

In A Scale, A3 A4 Forum, Gates, HCS 2012 by GMB x54 Communications

It has come to our attention that the company this week (16th May) has introduced their Gate Tick Sheets at Terminal 5, which includes the Team Leader / Boarder 1 name. On top of this further reports have reached your reps that ePSFRs are being monitored in Terminal 3 and possible PPLs are being raised if the ePSFR isn’t being …

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T5 Restroom Update

In #AirlinesOfGreed, A Scale, HCS 2012, T5 Facilities, TRMC by GMB x54 Communications

The GMB withdrew from the restroom meetings in June 2016 as the management did not listen to our request for separate restrooms. The GMB have always been consistent in our message to management, we want separate restrooms. We tried the experiment of shared restrooms when T5 opened. It didn’t work and our members suffered. We have all been informed that …

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Returning iPADs

In A Scale, HCS 2012, iPad, Team Manager, TRC, TRM by GMB x54 Communications

An email was sent out recently about returning iPads to replace the O2 sim cards. Please avoid doing this UNLESS the company has given you a specific task to do it. No one should be doing this on a break or in their own time. The company has decided to change their contract, so it is their duty to ensure staff …

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New Reservations Agents

In A Scale, HCS 2012 by GMB x54 Communications

Congratulations to those members who have recently been recruited as CSE’s and those A Scale members who the GMB fought hard to get promotions opportunities for to CSRA (A5). BA have again let our members down by reducing training down to 10 days, and only giving very limited native training in Amadeus. Our members are being forced to use FLY res, …

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FLY Reward

In A Scale, FLY, HCS 2012, HCS2012, Reward by GMB x54 Communications

Your GMB NSP reps met with the company during October to again express the amount of pressure and stress front line staff were put under during the summer. The main contributing factor to this was the new check-in system – FLY. The GMB Union along with sister union Unite have asked for front line staff to be recognised and rewarded …

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Airside Support Agent

In A Scale, Gates & Boarding, HCS 2012, HCS2012 by GMB x54 Communications

Your GMB reps along with our sister union Unite, have been working on improving team engagement at the gates in Terminal 5. This has become even more important on the back of the unpopular decision to remove the node agent in T5B. Despite our opposition to this move, the company have implemented the change. Over the past few months, we have been …

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HCS 2012 Pay Ballot Results

In HCS 2012, Pay by GMB x54 Communications

The GMB conducted a postal ballot of its HCS 2012 members from 12th September to 26th September. 89% of our members have voted to ACCEPT the company pay offer. The offer is as follows: A two year pay deal – 2016 – 2.5% rise in base pay (shift pay to remain as today). Backdated to 1st January 2016. 2017 – 2.9% base …

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HCS 2012 – Mandatory Learning Day

In HCS 2012, Training by GMB x54 Communications

When you see that you have been allocated your Mandatory Learning Day, or any other company course, please check your roster to ensure that the company have given you 11 hours between the end of your shift the day before and the start time of the course as per the Working Hours Regulations. This is only for our HCS 2012 …