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TRM/C members accept new role

In TRMC by GMB x54 Communications

89% of our TRM/TRC members have accepted the creation of the new Aircraft Departure Manager role. The company have offered voluntary redundancy, reduction in hours or transfer into this new role. The new ADM role will see the current TRM/TRC job concentrate on purely departures with the exception of “High Priority Arrivals” (A380, Medical or Full Emergency and Deportee). We …

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T5 Restroom Update

In #AirlinesOfGreed, A Scale, HCS 2012, T5 Facilities, TRMC by GMB x54 Communications

The GMB withdrew from the restroom meetings in June 2016 as the management did not listen to our request for separate restrooms. The GMB have always been consistent in our message to management, we want separate restrooms. We tried the experiment of shared restrooms when T5 opened. It didn’t work and our members suffered. We have all been informed that …