The Your Online Union website provides our members with the latest news and updates from our the workplace, as well as various GMB updates from outside of BA.

Below are links to previous newsletters (Union Voice Extra and TU2U). Since April 2014 all newsletters will only be sent via personal or company email. All items contained in the newsletters, however, will be available as individual news posts on this website.

From October 2014 onwards we will only send newsletters via personal email via our new MailChimp service. The newsletter archive is available below.

All of our communications will be available uncensored on this website. We will also send out emails to your personal email addresses (if you have signed up for this service) with updates.  As well as this we will try and send out our communications through ESS mail (although this maybe censored) and via the post.

Our previous newsletter TU2U as now ceased production, but our archive is available below.

News items will also appear on our website. Click the links below to get news from your area.

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