Rep Elections & Rumours

In Rep Elections by GMB x54 Communications

There are alot of rumours again circulating and once again we will only communicate matters when we have details to share with you.

However there are changes in the pipeline and we already are dealing with the company desire to make 20 MPE savings in Resource Delivery (ESC) as well as reorganisation and savings of our Team Manager members. The ugly side of the greed that is present in BA.

We will fully support our members on attacks to their terms, conditions, pay, contracts and jobs.

There have also been rumours surrounding pension scheme closures. While we are in talks with the company, NOTHING has been decided or confirmed by the company.

Due to the uncertainty of the next few months a branch decision has been made to extend the current rep period by six month, resulting in a delay to the rep elections / nominations due to take place this month.

As always we will keep you updated with any further information as and when we get it.