Buggies on Arrival (26th July 19:45 update)

Your joint unions (GMB & Unite) have instructed BA management of their disappointment that no communications have been sent out to PSU staff with regards to the repatriation of pushchairs on arrivals.

Our failure to agree (FTA) will remain in place until such time as staff have had the relevant communications.

We again call on BA management to send out communications to staff indicating that all PSU involvment in repatriation of pushchairs on hoist gate arrivals (some gates in T5B) will cease due to health & safety issues. We also want to staff to be advised that for lift arrivals a new process is being looked at whereby the PSU agent only leaves the arrival once all pushchairs have been repatriated to passengers.

If within the next few days this still hasn’t occurred we will move to formally present the FTA and request an urgent panel meeting with your National Sectional Panel (NSP) representatives.

Thank you again for your support and we will communicate more on this matter when we recieve more information.


GMB Branch x54 Communications




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