Urgent H&S Update : Buggy Repatriation

Your joint unions have expressed their disappointment to the company on the recent introduction of baby buggy repatriation. While the idea is a good customer proposition the way this process works and has been implemented raises serious concerns about the safety of PSU staff.

We would like you to be aware that a Health & Safety Risk Assessment was conducted with your Health & Safety representatives and a BA Safety Advisor back on 18th July 2012. This risk assessment states the following:

  1. PSU do not have the appropriate manual handling training / clothing to remove buggies from the hoist safely.
  2. Alternative arrangements to be found to repatriate buggies via the hoist.
  3. For lift gates where a buggy is bulky / unwieldy / heavy for an individual to manage, the CSA to invite the customer to the lift to retrieve their pushchair.

Despite this PSU staff are STILL being put at risk by carrying out manual handling in the hoists, which you are NOT trained for. Also very little assistance seems available to staff when you require it on lift arrivals.

Section 100 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 states that you are protected if;

  • Proposing to, or leaving, the workplace (or a dangerous part of it) in the event of a perceived serious and imminent risk to their health and safety and which they could not reasonably be expected to avert, and refusing to return while the danger persists; and
  • Proposing to, or taking, appropriate steps to protect themselves or others in circumstances of perceived serious and imminent danger.

If you feel on any arrival that you are unable to carry out manual handling on any baby buggy for repatriation to passengers, you are within your rights under this legislation to refuse to carry out this task. This is especially important on hoist arrivals where you have not had the training to carry out this role safely and there is a great possibility that you will not be covered if you sustain an injury while carrying out this task that you are not trained in.

NEVER put yourself at risk and if you don’t feel comfortable please remove yourself from that work area.


GMB Branch x54 Communications


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