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  • Buggy Return

    Below is a copy of the recent communications from BA regarding baby buggy return on arrival. Dear all colleagues, Returning a buggy at Aircraft Door From Tuesday 9th July when a customer would like their buggy returned at the aircraft side, PRS will have an enhancement to enter a ‘downline’ comment. At our worldwide stations this update […]

  • Health & Safety Update – Buggy Repatriation

    Your GMB H&S Reps are very disappointed that the Buggy Repatriation Working Group has not reconvened since late 2012. This matter was raised at the last Level 1 meeting and was taken to the Level 2 with Mel Birch. At this meeting the reps were informed that the Buggy Repatriation WG would be reconvened as soon as […]

  • Buggies on Arrivals – Post BA Communications

    Communications were sent out to PSU staff (A3 / A4 grades) last week about the interim process for repatriation of baby buggies. Your joint unions (GMB & Unite) have expressed to BA management that the communications sent out are not satisfactory. They only focus on hoist arrivals in T5B as opposed to all arrivals into […]

  • Buggies on Arrival (26th July 19:45 update)

    Your joint unions (GMB & Unite) have instructed BA management of their disappointment that no communications have been sent out to PSU staff with regards to the repatriation of pushchairs on arrivals. Our failure to agree (FTA) will remain in place until such time as staff have had the relevant communications. We again call on […]

  • Buggies on Arrival – Latest Update

    It has come with some disappointment that no communications have been sent out to front line passenger service staff since our original request to do so on Tuesday 17th July and again on Tuesday 24th July and yesterday Wednesday 25th July. We are still waiting on further information from BA management about their way forward […]

  • Buggies on Arrivals – Possible Failure To Agree

    Your joint unions (GMB & Unite) have proposed the following for the repatriation of baby buggies / pushchairs on arrivals at LHR Terminal 5: On arrival gates that have a lift in the node (All T5A, T5C and limited gates in T5B) for the PSU agent meeting the fight to be with the arrival until […]

  • Buggies on Arrivals

    Despite the lack of communications from BA management on this issue your H&S and IR reps are looking at the shambles that has become the Buggies on Arrivals process. While your reps believe this service is a good idea and long overdue the way this has been forced in and how it has been poorly […]