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  • BA Pay Communication 2014/2015

    Dear Colleagues, The company have sent a letter to the GMB negotiating team, informing us that our sister trade union have accepted the company pay offer for 2014/15. The company are intending on implementing the pay rises they offered in the September payroll to all colleagues, irrespective of which union they belong to. We are […]

  • A Scale 2014 Pay Update

    Pay talks are still ongoing with your NSP reps for A Scale members. Once a final offer has been announced we will of course go out to you, the members, with a ballot on if you wish to accept or reject the pay offer. We thank you for your patience during this time.

  • A Scale NSP Pay Bulletin

    Dear Colleagues, Results The Trades Unions met with BA at the A-Scales NSP on Thursday 22 August to report the outcomes of our pay ballots. The result of the GMB ballot was 62% in favour of acceptance and 38% against. The result of the Unite ballot was 77% against and 23% in favour. In the […]

  • A Scale Pay Ballot Result

    The result of the GMB pay ballot was a 62% vote in favor of acceptance. We met with BA today (22nd August) and informed them of the result. We will continue to update you as matters progress. Further details on the ballot are located on our ballot result page.   Yours in solidarity GMB x54 Communications

  • A Scale Pay Ballot

    The A Scale Pay Ballot has closed and the votes are being counted. There is a special NSP meeting taking place today (22nd August). We hope to bring you the result of this ballot soon. Yours in solidarity GMB x54 Communications

  • A Scale Pay Deal Further Update

    To all GMB British Airways ‘A’ scale staff Dear Colleagues After months of lengthy negotiations with British Airways, your NSP representatives have reached a position where we can consult with you on the company’s offer in respect of the 2013 pay round The offer is described in the enclosed ballot paper and includes wording related […]

  • BA Engineers Reject Pay Offer

    Union members (both GMB & Unite Unions) in Engineering have voted to REJECT the company’s pay offer with a 79% NO vote. A Scale Union members will be asked to vote on their pay offer from 31st July – 21st August. We will share more details soon.

  • A Scale Pay Update

    Further to previous communications the GMB Union Branch x54 will be conducting a workplace ballot from 31st July until 21st August 2013. A rep will be located in DE1 Landside report location to accept ballot votes. You will be asked if you want to ACCEPT or REJECT the company’s current pay offer. You maybe asked […]

  • Pay – Joint TU Communication

    The A Scale NPS met with the Company on 4th July to discuss the 2013 pay award. Our officers from Unite and GMB read the following statement: Recognising what has previously been attained we will continue to work with BA to achieve the development and growth of the Company in the context of the business […]