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We aim to keep you up to date with the latest H&S issues from around the terminals. If there is anything you would like to discuss with a rep or an issue that needs raising contact us here. For urgent problems contact the Team Manager or CSM in your area or the GMB duty rep.

More H&S advice is available on the GMB London Region website.

Health & Safety Updates

Update: 10th June 2013

24th May Disruption

Your H&S reps have expressed great concern about the recent disruption caused by the BA emergency landing on 24th May. The company failed to follow its own disruption plans and left staff in very vulnerable positions. Lessons have not been learnt from previous disruption days and we urge the company to look at this in greater detail.

Faults to be fixed

Again your H&S reps have flagged up to the company the length of time faults are taken to be rectified. Your reps are also concerned that faults are sometimes showing as completed (especially HAL faults) in the FM 85000 system, when in fact the faults haven’t been fixed.


We are pleased to announce that Heathrow Airport are starting to invest in changing the hoists at T5B gates after only five years of waiting! Two stands will have lifts fitted and the rest will have modifications made to make them safer to operate. Your H&S reps have asked to see a prototype of the new style hoist before all are changed over to avoid any issues with the new design.


A reminder to please ensure all accidents and incidents, including verbal abuse from customers are recorded in e-basis via a Team Manager. This should be done on the day, as soon as possible after the incident.

In the past any eBASIS reports that were entered by a team manager / duty manager were not available to be seen by the staff member who had been injured. Thanks to your only GMB corporate representative we have now worked with the company to change the way eBASIS reports are entered into the system. If you would like visibility of your own eBASIS reports please ask the team manager to put your staff details into the reporter field in eBASIS. This way you are able to see actions on your own eBASIS reports.







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