A Scale Pay Ballot September 2016

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On 31st August, your GMB Reps met with the company and the Reps from our sister union Unite, to continue discussions on the 2016 Pay Offer which you voted to reject in May. As a reminder, this offer was:
  • 2016 – Year 1 increase in basic pay by 2% backdated
  • 2017 – Year 2 RPI
  • 2018 – Year 3 RPI
Year 2 and Year 3 is contingent on the company meeting its business plan.
The company have now made a new offer which we share with you here:
  • 2016 – Year 1: Basic Pay increased by 2%, backdated to 01/01/16
  • 2017 – Year 2: 2.5% or RPI (as at 31/12/16), whichever is higher, effective 01/01/17
  • 2018 – Year 3: 2.5% or RPI (as at 31/12/17), whichever is higher, effective from 01/01/18

This new offer is no longer contingent on the company meeting targets.

As of 13th September 2016 UK Retail Price Index was 0.6%.Your National GMB reps have agreed that the A-Scale members should have their say on this new offer. Therefore we will commence a second consultative ballot of those affected by this offer, which will commence from Monday 26th September 2016. The ballot will close on Sunday 9th October 2016 at 1600. 

There will be two questions on the ballot paper.

  1. Do you accept or reject the company offer?
  2. Are you prepared to take industrial action to achieve a better offer if you rejected the new offer?

We hope all our A-Scale members will use this opportunity to vote on this important issue.

To try and capture the bulk of our A-Scale members we will be conducting a workplace ballot. Our Ballot Rep will be available during core hours (09:00 – 16:00) with the ballot box. They will be located in the GMB T5 Office (behind FMU) and in restrooms around T5 during the day. If the office is closed or you wish to see the ballot rep, please contact our Duty Rep on 07771522378 who will direct them to you.

This pay deal is for those A-Scale members within CSA/SCSA/CSRA, Arrivals Services, Special Services, Resource Delivery, Allocation and OSU communities.

If you require further information please speak to your local GMB reps. Updates will be sent via email, on our twitter page (@gmbx54) or via our website.