BA Pay Negotiation Update – 29 March 2019

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Following on from the recent consultative ballots – in which Unite, BALPA and GMB members each overwhelmingly rejected BA’s revised pay proposal – the Company organised a further meeting of the BA Forum earlier this week.

At this meeting, the Director of People and Director of Engineering presented us with a slightly modified one-year offer or an alternative two-year offer. In relation to the two-year offer, BA also added a requirement for the unions to commit to unspecified “change initiatives”, which we take to mean increased productivity to self-fund part of the increase.

The details are as follows:

One-year offer

From 1 January 2019, a 2.7% increase to basic pay, subject to a £600 underpin; plus a one-off payment equivalent to 0.5% of basic pay

Alternative two-year offer

  • From 1 January 2019, a 2.5% increase to basic pay, subject to £500 underpin; plus a one-off payment equivalent to 0.5% of basic pay;
  • From 1 January 2020, an increase to basic pay equivalent to RPI capped at 2.3%, subject to a minimum increase of 1.8%;
  • The two-year offer is subject to the TUs signing up to unspecified “change initiatives”.

Neither of these offers are close to the reasonable and affordable pay claim submitted by each Union on behalf of its respective members over four months ago in November 2018. Accordingly, we understand that each Union has separately decided to brief their representatives and will strongly recommend that both proposals are rejected.

It is important to clarify that apart from the proposals put forward at this one single meeting, no other offers have been made by British Airways since the member consultations.

Each union is increasingly concerned at BA’s unrealistic and inflexible approach to these negotiations and the company’s refusal to share with its own loyal staff the rewards of the success they have helped bring to the airline. We understand that members of Unite, BALPA and GMB are fed up hearing excuse after excuse for low pay offers and are now fully prepared to stand up and support our campaign for a real, RPI+ pay increases for all employees, enhanced profit-sharing arrangements and the introduction of employee share ownership.

In light of the above, we inform you that Unite, BALPA and GMB has confirmed that they will seek approval to continue making the necessary arrangements in preparation for the likely conduct of official industrial action ballots of their members employed by British Airways. In doing so, each Union continues to hope that BA will finally do what is both right and fair for their respective members. At the same time, each Union has independently decided to prepare for the scenario in which the company does not.

Thank you for your continued support.