FLYing Not So High!

In FLY, Health & Safety by GMB x54 Communications

The company is pressing ahead for full FLY migration within Heathrow by the start of July. The system is far from ready to be in use, but like with T5 opening, BA management want this in regardless.

Stress levels amongst our members using this new system have risen steadily – please continue to raise eBASIS reports and complete our online issues form.

We also believe the company are hiding FLY delays in challenging TRMC delay codes. This has resulted in further HCS delays – in short blaming the gate teams for lack of understanding or ability to process passengers in the new system. The delays should reflect issues with FLY and lack of suitable training, the company have even refused a specific FLY delay code.

Once again we ask our members to take your time to ensure each passenger transaction is correct, do not rush through, you’re only likely to get a PPL if you make a mistake!