Gate Tick Sheets

In A Scale, A3 A4 Forum, Gates, HCS 2012 by GMB x54 Communications

It has come to our attention that the company this week (16th May) has introduced their Gate Tick Sheets at Terminal 5, which includes the Team Leader / Boarder 1 name. On top of this further reports have reached your reps that ePSFRs are being monitored in Terminal 3 and possible PPLs are being raised if the ePSFR isn’t being correctly completed.

Though the company have stressed that this isn’t performance management, the GMB have major concerns over the usage of the tick sheets and the monitoring of ePSFRs. We are in NO agreement with the use of these tick sheets and we believe they are being used to further attack our members, who are already under great pressure at the gate. 

We have raised a formal Failure to Agree at the A3/A4 Forum over the use of Gate Tick Sheets (which has also been discussed and raised at Panel) and the HCS 2012 reps are continuing to discuss the issues surrounding ePSFR monitoring. 

Please continue to report back any incidents at the gate on either issues via email or by calling the duty rep on 07771 522 378. 

We will keep you posted with any further developments. 

Yours in solidarity 

GMB x54 Communications