GMB Public Meeting

In #BeFairBA, #DontTakeTheIT, A Scale by GMB x54 Communications

MONDAY FEBRUARY 29TH 12:30 – 13:15

Longford Suite, Thistle Hotel, Heathrow


BA are making record profits, with enough to fund £122 million worth of share options for Executives and Band 1’s.

So why are NAPS and APS members being made to pay up to £100 a month more for their pensions – to have to see their benefits reduce in order to keep their payments the same?

If BA can get away with imposing these changes now, what will happen at the scheme reviews later this year?

And why won’t they talk to us about making improvements to BARP? It drastically needs an overhaul – only pilots and senior managers can access the better contribution rates.


The meeting coincides with the last day at work for our colleagues in IT End User Computing. After many years loyal service, they now face and uncertain future.

We are now seeing proposals to outsource work in Cargo, probably to India and are expecting further proposals to affect colleagues in IT Delivery in the near future.

But we think that some of the IT work will be performed illegally, through an abuse of the visa system. We have taken this issue to Parliament and to Downing Street.

And outsourcing ISN’T WORKING.

In the last year TCS have been responsible for security and safety failures at BA, failures with the SIP, which TCS built and now support, are causing hundreds of flight delays.

When will the people at the top realise that any savings are short-term only.

A Scale Contracts

There are real fears that the new ‘ABS’ Contract being introduced will be used to force A Scale staff onto lower pay. Recent experiences in IFCE have only served to reinforce this.

How can we protect ourselves from this new challenge?


Mick Rix, National Officer, GMB
Sadiq Khan, Labour Candidate, Mayor of London
John McDonnell, MP for Hayes & Harlington & Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer