HCS2012 Bulletin: A Message from Gary Pearce

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Dear Colleague

Performance Pay

The company have informed us that they intend to implement performance pay without agreement.   I have been contacted by a number of members who have informed me that management are informing them that no one will lose out with performance pay and that all staff could achieve the highest possible performance rating 1.   When we asked the company at our meeting last Friday what members would need to do to achieve a rating of 1, they were unable to tell us and that was one of the reasons we could not agree to the process. 

I am therefore concerned that GMB members are now being misinformed because in reality no other workgroup in BA who are managed under performance pay have ever had more than a small percentage of their workgroup awarded a rating of 1 each year.

The TRM and TRC work groups are managed under performance pay and I would respectively suggest that you ask colleagues in those work groups what they think of performance pay because I am confident the majority of them will tell you that they regret agreeing to it. 

 You will shortly be receiving a communication from the joint Trade Unions that will contain an accurate account of the performance pay process that the company have decided to implement without agreement and a ballot paper that I would urge you to complete and return.  

 You will recall that at the end of last year we balloted our members on the company’s refusal to make an offer on pay.  The result of this ballot forced the company to enter into meaningful negotiations with us and resulted in our members on 2012 contracts receiving a higher pay award than any other work group in BA. The fact that our members stuck together shows the influence you, as a group of members, can have. 

30 Minute Stay On

We are aware that the 30 minute Stay-On is unpopular, however, we would approach seeking to change this with caution as any change to this agreement could remove the possibility of colleagues finishing their shifts 30 minutes early and may result in a reduction in the quantity of shifts that attract the maximum shift premiums. 

It is our understanding that most people have a negative stay-on balance (i.e. you have gone home early more times than you have stayed late), if this is not the case please let us know. As ever, if there are examples when the 30 minute Stay-On is not being used correctly, please contact one of your reps with the facts.

Get involved

We are actively seeking new reps or members who would like to be more involved with your GMB branch, please contact us if you would like to get involved.

Gary Pearce
Regional Organiser
GMB London Region