IR/H&S Meeting Update November

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Jas and Winston met with Lyndsey Robson-Malone and David Stonebanks on 29 November for our monthly Health & Safety/Industrial Relations meeting. Below are the answers to the questions our members wanted us to ask:

When will rosters be issued?

The company is waiting for colleagues who were successful in the recent CSE recruitment to sign their contracts, they will then know for sure how many people will be taken out of the operation. They expect to be able to publish the containerised roster for the February-March period by mid-December and, the Sumer roster by mid-February. We expressed the frustration colleagues feel over the long wait for the rosters to be published and highlighted the difficulties colleagues are having planning how to use their remaining leave.

There was a perception that the excess baggage target for November was unachievable from the start of November and it rapidly became clear that we would not make the target, how was target decided?

The company advises that the excess baggage target in November was based on number of customers plus a percentage rise on last year’s figure (we were surprised by this as the flights/customers are different). The company also took the company’s profit goals into account. We were not satisfied by this explanation, we do not believe the target was fair.

Can colleagues have POSCAB and HOTAC skill bytes?

There are currently no plans for POSCAB/HOTAC skill bites, but laminates are available from the office. We asked for them to be placed on the desks but Paula Brady was concerned that they would be taken by colleagues for their personal reference.

TRC lost property procedures are still lacking, when will these be updated?

Discussions surrounding the TRC lost property process are ongoing, and a new process is apparently in place but we still have asset protection concerns surrounding the storage of lost property within the TRC office.

Colleagues have been given shifts outside of the containerised roster, causing confusion/difficulties for our members, can this be avoided?

David Stonebanks advised that following complaints Resourcing would look into creating a new type of containerised shift. He confirmed that all shifts allocated outside of the rostered container shift had been adjusted.

Some colleagues have had difficulty obtaining ladies coats from uniform, can something be done? Also scarfs are not currently available?

The company advise that these uniform items are now available.

Can you consider increasing engagement standards for busy flights to allow tagging of bags at the gate, and use of under seat tags?

The company will look at increasing engagement standards and staff numbers at the gate for busy flights, but this needs to be cost effective.

Would you consider introducing hand baggage tags for trolley bags like Gatwick and some out stations?

A global hand baggage initiative is being considered.

There is an apparent increase in day 1 re-rosters, this is a concern for our members, can OT rather than day 1 re-rosters be used to cover shortfalls?

The company will not solely use OT to cover shortfalls in staffing levels due to the cost involved and, will continue to re-roster shifts at -1 day if required. We were not happy with this response response, so will escalate this item to the next quarterly meeting planned for 19 December.

The leave hours balance increase for former Olympics colleagues when they changed their contracted hours, has not been actioned, when will this happen?

This has already been actioned, colleagues should check their leave balances.

A lot of wet weather gear is missing/unavailable when required, any update on this issue?

Wet weather gear IS available, please return all items after use.

There has been no heating in T3 arrivals for 3 weeks, when will this issue be resolved?

Heating has now been turned up in Arrivals, to compensate for removal of heaters.

Can two Arrivals colleagues be allocated to T1 domestic reclaim, when there are enough staff, as one colleague has to be outside when bags arrive so there is no one at the desk to answer customer queries? (CSRs have also mentioned that they are seeing more customers that have failed to collected their bags from DUB at desks B1/2, as Arrivals desk was unmanned)

Unfortunately the company believes that there is not enough work to allocate two ASRs to handle domestic arrivals, so will continue to allocate only one colleague.

RMS are ending the tasks of Arrivals colleagues in T1 on a 0000 finish before the last flight is clear, despite callbacks to advise them that the flights is not clear, how should they deal with this situation?

The company do not believe this is an issue. We would advise colleagues to call a TM to take over from them if they are still dealing with customers and, the allocator refuses to extend their task.