Available to all London Region members only.

Established in 1997 the John Cope Trust offers Branch members in the London Region, in need of additional financial assistance, wishing to undertake additional training or further education. This may be vocational, occupational or linked to the Labour or Trade Union movements.

The Trust recognises that while members have the dedication and commitment to pursue their objectives it is often financial challenges which cause the greatest difficulty and can be an overriding barrier to achieving these goals.

The specific aims of the trust are:

  • To be open to all members, even those who are unemployed or retired from affiliated Branches;
  • Offer equal access regardless of personal status;
  • Provide sponsorship for non-residential courses;
  • Seek to provide real financial assistance for the duration of the course;
  • Cover enrolment fees, travel and material expenses;
  • Promote education which will benefit the trade Union and Labour movement;
  • To be flexible in its delivery and approach; and
  • To monitor, encourage and promote the individual’s success

The Trust aims to try and remove this burden and, in turn, help our members achieve their full potential.
All sponsorship is awarded on merit and commitment. A set of criteria, such as length of union membership, activity within the union and/or community, type of course and previous access to education are taken into consideration by a panel of Trustees.

All members of London Region affiliated Branches, upon completion of an application form, can apply for sponsorship via their local Branch meeting. Once endorsed by the Branch in writing, the application can be forwarded to Regional Office and a date will be set to attend an interview with the Trust Panel.
There is no charge to members of affiliated Branches and the only conditions for application and sponsorship are:

  • Letter of endorsement from the Branch
  • Continued membership of the GMB (subscriptions maintained at the appropriate rate) for a minimum of 53 weeks.
  • Report on course progress to Region at set intervals
  • Provision of receipts as necessary
  • Permission to use sponsorship in recruitment literature on behalf of the Region
  • Agreement to return any monies not used for the purpose granted by the Trustees

Contact Helen Mendieta in the Education Department for an application form on 01582 393165.