May 2015 newsletter

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Note: Information correct at time of writing.




Performance Related Pay – Awaiting comms from company (See Gary’s email) Awaiting response to member’s questions sent to Stuart Kennedy

Resource Delivery Admin – Awaiting response from Stuart Kennedy regarding recognition.

New Workplace Organisers – Awaiting acknowledgment from the company.

Branch Integration – In progress, joint branch meetings taking place, proposed branch name ‘LHR Joint Terminals branch’.

Premium Team – Comms soon. colleagues are able to withdraw their applications.

Car Park Passes – Ongoing availability issues.

iPad rollout – The company is still issuing iPads. iPad day will return to the new entrant courses.

Last minute shift changes – Recent -48hr changes were result of last minute increase in pax numbers, resourcing will continue to try to avoid these last minute changes where possible. Resourcing have also now agreed to avoid changing colleague’s shifts when they are returning from leave/off days.


CSR Update


T5 Airside Integration – Successful with a few allocation issues, report any swing gate tasks to ALM (Airside Landside Manager). We are still discussing shift buffers with the company. A4 colleagues now joining Fam days to show ‘shortcuts’.

Airside Recency – New starters are receiving updated gate training, plan for everyone else to get a 1hr refresher. Colleagues should still highlight any lack of airside tasks to their TM.

Gate Support – Third boarder will be added to all European services from July.


ASR Update

Staffing levels – T3 Summer – 4xASR Early/Late. Ultra reports do not support an increase at the moment.

Loader October – Lyndsey will consider a loader to clear bags in T3 from October if required.


CSE Update


T5 Airside Integration – No date for phase 2 of T5 integration which will include CSE colleagues

Staffing levels – T3 Summer –  Land side, 0430-0830 1xTSR, 3xCSE, 1x3R(July), 0830-2230 1xTSR 2xCSE, 1x3R (July). Air side, 0500-2230 1xTSR, 3xCSE, 1xCSE Lounge, 3R prioritised over 5AL

Gate Recency – Colleagues will receive further gate training before receiving regular boarder tasks, no immediate plans.


Health & Safety


T3 Chairs – Chairs will have new gas cylinders fitted to allow them to be lowered  to belt level. Chairs will be fitted with wheels to help avoid manual handling issues. ‘Chair’ video will be shared on Yammer.

T3 Hand Baggage – Cage/trolley on order to help transport bags. Gate Audit will take place, guide/‘SOP’ will be produced for each gate. 

T3 New Zone D/FCC – Joint TU inspections will take place of new zone D and FCC ahead of the move.

T3 Belts – ‘Overshoot’ issue now resolved.

T3 Bins – Each desk will soon have a bin!

Next H&S/IR Forum, will be the quarterly meeting planned for 17 June