Mixed Fleet Solidarity Always

In #BALowPayNoWay, Mixed Fleet by GMB x54 Communications

Again (at time of publishing) our brothers and sisters of Mixed Fleet Unite will be taking further industrial action. The strike actions will commence on 1st July until 16th July.

The GMB Union again fully support Mixed Fleet Unite members in their dispute with the company and will continue to show solidarity where ever we can. We call on BA to sit down with MFU and come up with serious proposals to resolve the dispute, by treating their own staff with respect, paying a decent real living wage and stop punishing union members for taking legal industrial action.

To take Industrial Action is never an easy decision, and it is not one MFU members have taken lightly. We will always support fellow trade union members within BA or elsewhere, even when it isn’t our dispute.

Our continued message to MFU and it’s members is to stand strong and proud and that we stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with you.

Should any GMB members require further information about the MFU strike, demo details or how to further support fellow MFU members, please contact us here or speak to one of your local reps.