New Reservations Agents

In A Scale, HCS 2012 by GMB x54 Communications

Congratulations to those members who have recently been recruited as CSE’s and those A Scale members who the GMB fought hard to get promotions opportunities for to CSRA (A5). BA have again let our members down by reducing training down to 10 days, and only giving very limited native training in Amadeus.

Our members are being forced to use FLY res, which has limited functionality and is constantly not doing what it is meant to. As per company instruction our new CSE/CSRA members should raise an Assyst if FLY reservations brings up any errors, apologise to the passenger and pass the passenger onto a fully native trained member of staff. DO NOT attempt to carry out native functions if you are not trained in them, as the company will be very quick to pull you up if you make a mistake.

Again if you have any questions or issues, please contact one of your local reps or email us here.