No Love From BA

In #BeFairBA, FLY by GMB x54 Communications

Your reps met with the company last month and asked for a form of reward for the shambolic introduction of FLY, and the disruption it caused. FLY continues to cause issues on a nearly daily basis, adding further stress to our members.

The GMB have asked for additional leave or free tickets, as a thank you for all your hard work over the summer. Not surprisingly the greed of BA knows no bounds and they have refused.

Going back to our previous pleas to THINK before volunteering for anything. BA treats its employees with contempt. You are merely (in the eyes of BA) a financial inconvenience. There is no longer loyalty for staff, and BA will stop at nothing to drive down conditions, pay and your work/life balance to make even more money for those at the top.

Welcome to IAG – International Airlines of Greed.