No Meetings This Summer

In A Scale, HCS 2012, Health & Safety, Industrial Relations by GMB x54 Communications

The GMB would like to inform its members that no meetings are due to take place during the Summer period. This includes both Industrial Relations and Health & Safety meetings. Other TU/H&S actives, with the exception of duty rep and H&S inspections (a legal right), have also been cancelled.

The reason being given by the company is that the operation is due to be extremely busy for much of the summer, and full support is required of the operation. While the GMB agree that support for our front line members is necessary we don’t believe that busy passenger loads are an exceptional circumstance, that warrants the need to cancel every TU/H&S meeting. Trials and workshops and new boarding initiatives are taking place, but with limited TU/H&S support.

We also believe H&S is being pushed to one side with the last H&S meeting being at the start of June, and nothing now due until the beginning of September. The GMB believe the company are not taking H&S seriously enough and as a result we are asking our members to be extra vigilant and report via eBASIS any safety issues you may come across.