T5 Restroom Update

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The GMB withdrew from the restroom meetings in June 2016 as the management did not listen to our request for separate restrooms. The GMB have always been consistent in our message to management, we want separate restrooms. We tried the experiment of shared restrooms when T5 opened. It didn’t work and our members suffered.

We have all been informed that from Thursday 23rd Feb we will be reporting to south if rostered 5AS. Based on this we re-engaged with management and were told that we have been listened to. However, from our list of requests, it is only the non-carpeted flooring that has made the final cut.

The furniture that we selected was too expensive so BA has bought cheaper chairs, the kitchens in south have not been refurbished and the water logic has been smashed in our absence. The small carpeted area is reused carpet tiles (you might recognise them from FMU)! The wall to divide the restroom is not the height that we were promised. The list goes on, but we were told today by management that ‘we should be grateful that BA has spent money on the restrooms’.

From Monday 27th Feb the north restroom will be closed for refurbishment for a month, so TRMs, HCS, loading and baggage will all be in the south restroom.

We have been assured by management that there will be chairs for all of us. The GMB stated if there is nowhere to sit, we will request a break either in T5B or landside, and walk time needs to be given. Please inform Lucy Dunn-Sims if there is no seating available and copy in your reps.

Also if any staff member feels intimidated or hears a comment which they feel is inappropriate please report it to a TM, email Lucy Dunn-Simms and copy in your reps. If the noise levels are too high please raise an eBASIS and email your reps to say what you have done. You can also contact the duty rep text/phone 07771 522378 or via email.

We believe every staff member has a right to feel safe in the workplace and comfortable in their rest facilities. If ever you do not feel this is the case please email us as we need evidence to take back to the company, it will be in total confidence.

You have elected us to represent you, we need you to let us know if things like this happen, so don’t just accept the situations, inform us so we can fight for a better workplace.
Your restroom reps
Duncan Smith
Mark Pead
Jo Turiccki