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Dear GMB Member and Friends & Family,

We thought you would be interested in the latest news about the various campaigns going on which we hope will help our members at BA.

Debate in Parliament

The Chair of the Transport Select Committee is calling for a debate in Parliament this week about the situation at British Airways. View here,

As you can see, he is asking for us to contact our local MP to support this so please do so. 

For details on your local MP click here.

‘BA Betrayal’

As mentioned last week, we are supporting the ‘BA Betrayal’ campaign, which has been set up by our colleagues in Unite. The aim of the campaign is to put pressure on BA and IAG and get them to change their approach to the difficulties the company is facing.

The campaign has got underway with a number of initiatives, including some spectacular light-show effects on iconic buildings in a wide range of locations.

You can find our more about the campaign by accessing the main website. View here.

Celebrity Support

The Daily Mirror today reports on a number of celebrities, many of them previously associated with the company, who have come out in condemnation of what BA and IAG are trying to do. View here.

Take care, Stay strong,

Nadine Houghton
GMB National Officer