Privacy Policy

As a membership organisation, the GMB BA Joint Terminals Branch x54 collects and holds information on our members. This is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2016/679 and the Data Protection Act 1998.

As part of the new GDPR, we have to inform our members about the data we hold on them, and the reason for having that data. As a membership organisation, we hold data about their GMB trade union subscription. This includes the following: 

  • Name – to identify you as a member of the GMB for union representation
  • Address and Email – to make contact with you on work-related communications and ballots (subject to your consent)
  • Gender – for statistical analysis only
  • Your GMB Date of Joining – certain features of your membership only become available after a set period of time of membership with the GMB
  • Your BA staff number and Job Title – to ensure you are still working at British Airways and that you receive the correct communications (subject to your consent) 
  • Subscription grade and payment type – informs us what grade subscription you pay and how you pay it (via direct debit / payroll) – however, we store no financial data on our database. 
  • Admin comments on your individual membership record – for a consistent service, if any changes are made to your record (with your consent, or if we notice changes in your job title etc), these will be recorded against your record. No personal data related to any representation you receive with the GMB is noted in our membership database. 

All information we hold is securely held and will never be sold or distributed to any third parties outside of the GMB without your consent.

Our email mailing system is hosted by MailChimp and their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions are available on their website.

Our Membership System (MARS – Membership Address and Records System) is self-hosted. All information contained in this database is only accessible by accredited GMB Branch x54 Representatives, who have access to ascertain GMB Union members as well as for Communication (with consent). Details of membership records and communication consent may be shared with the GMB London Region and the GMB National Office / National Administration Unit.

For details and/or communication consent held by the GMB London Region or GMB National Office / National Administration Unit please contact

To unsubscribe from our mailing list (postal / email / sms) please contact or follow the links at the bottom of our emails.

Postal ballots will continue to be sent out as part of your membership to the GMB.

Upon ceasing to be a member of the GMB Branch x54 your data will be securely deleted from our system.

For Subject Access Requests (SAR) of any data we hold on you, please contact, there is no fee for this service.


Last Updated: 10th May 2018