Coronavirus Update 4

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Aviation Bulletin No3

As things, continue to move very quickly I wanted to write to you to update you on what the GMB has been doing in the fight to protect jobs and livelihoods for our members in the aviation industry.

As well as supporting our members on the ground the GMB has been demanding that government step up and take the action our members so desperately need.

An announcement of loans for the industry was made yesterday and there was a promise to provide financial protection for individuals. We await the detail for both of these announcements. History will not judge this government well if they do not provide the safety net that aviation workers are rightly demanding.

The GMB has today (18th March) been in discussions with the Department for Transport, we are calling on them to do four things urgently:

• Announce decisive and swift pay protection (wage subsidies) for workers who are being laid off or facing a cut in hours.

• Give a cast-iron guarantee that any government bailout for the industry will not simply be handed over to the airlines but employees in the supply chain will benefit from this too.

• Provide urgent financial support to stop our regional airports from going under.

• Set up an aviation-specific task force with unions, business and government to develop a strategy for tackling this crisis together – one that doesn’t leave workers at the back of the queue.

As we continue these discussions we will keep you updated.