From your National Officer – Update 6

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GMB says that aviation employers need not act in haste 

Dear GMB member,
As you know, these are unprecedented times, both for the aviation industry and for societies across the globe.

It is at times like these that we are reminded of the need for a strong welfare state, a national health service and of course, trade unions.

I wanted to let you know that over the past few weeks the GMB has been fighting for the survival of the aviation industry with one goal in mind – to protect your jobs.

I know that many of you have been put at risk of redundancy, have been asked to voluntarily reduce your hours or face temporary lay offs.

Today, we have an announcement from the Chancellor, it is currently light on detail but it affords us an opportunity to fight to save your jobs.

The GMB is calling on all aviation employers to pause and consider three things:

• We do not yet know the detail of the bail out package for the industry – we hope it will be far reaching enough to keep regional airports functioning and employers operating. The GMB will demand a seat at the table in any discussions with government to make sure our member’s voices are heard – not just those of the airlines.

• The government will announce what support mechanisms will be put in place for individuals over the coming days. Once we know the detail of this we can engage in a more meaningful discussion with employers about how we can be sure that our member’s livelihoods are protected over the coming months and have a job to return to once the industry picks up.

• Aviation employers need not act hastily now. The GMB will ensure our skilled, trained and licensed members are ready to step back in once the work picks up. Employers will rely on the goodwill of our members to hit the ground running and this current crisis must not be used opportunistically to attack terms and conditions whilst other options remained on the table.

We will be writing to your employers over the next few days to seek these assurances and we will be continuing our negotiations with one goal in mind; to protect your job.

But above all else, please stay safe. We know many of you will have caring responsibilities and your own health concerns for friends and families but please be assured that the GMB is doing everything it possibly can to protect your livelihoods and be there for you at a time when you need us most.