Keeping You Up-to-Date

In Coronavirus by GMB x54 Communications

Continuing with our open and honest communications, a further GMB Aviation Briefing has been created to be shared with GMB members at BA. To read the briefing please click here

We understand this is a very unsettling time for you, our members. Your senior NSP reps are in constant contact with both the company and our Regional and National GMB Officers. We aim to keep you updated via regular emails and via our website where possible. 

GMB nationally have also created a web page for regular Coronavirus updates which is located here

Our Newsletters

If you know of any members that currently don’t receive our newsletter updates please direct them to (this link will not work on a BA computer), and get them to complete the online form with their personal email address. This link is for GMB x54 members only. If you know anyone that isn’t a member of GMB, please direct them to to join GMB. 

Duty Rep & Contact Details

As it currently stands, we continue to have a duty rep daily who can be contacted on 07771 522 378 or 020 316 50395. Our email address is also being monitored at

Your local reps are continuing to work in the operation as well. They may not always have the answers so please be patient with them while they locate the information they have. 

As always we will only communicate facts and will not enter into any discussions on rumours or speculation. 

Yours in solidarity 

Your GMB x54 Reps