Political Campaign Update (Update 32)

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Please find attached a follow-up letter sent to Willie Walsh by the Chair of the Transport Select Committee, Huw Merriman here.

The Committee are clearly dissatisfied with the answers they have been getting from BA.

Please also find attached a letter to Willie Walsh from 38 Labour MP’s here.

Again these raise questions that the company continue to evade.

Staying Together

These letters – and countless others that you have shared with us – show how horrified the public and politicians are by what is happening at BA.

However, the leaders at BA and IAG are charging on regardless of the adverse publicity this is generating.

As a result, they are putting the BA brand in jeopardy.

But there is another side-effect to their plans – they are bringing us all closer together.

Previously BA have chosen to inflict difficult change on one group at a time, rather than all at once.

This time no-one can really feel safe: we really are all in it together.

It is clear to us that everyone is feeling vulnerable and anxious at the moment.

But the best way to get through these terrible times is for GMB reps and members to stick together.

Take care, stay strong,

Nadine Houghton
GMB National Officer