We’re Moving Office

In Office Move by GMB x54 Communications

We would like to inform our members that the union bays are moving to the E-Learning room as from the 25th March 2020, this is located on Level One in the red lift landside. 

We will (currently) continue to offer our duty rep service daily. This is still subject to change with the ongoing situation and we will communicate further with any updates.

There is no change to the email address (dutyrep@gmbinba.org), landline (020 316 50395) or mobile number (07771 522 378). Unfortunately, we are still having technical issues for Vodafone users to ring the duty rep mobile number, so please either WhatsApp call, email or ring the landline number until we have fixed this issue, we will obviously update you when this has been fixed. 

We would appreciate your understanding and patience during the move as we will endeavour to respond to issues and concerns as soon as we can but there might be a slight delay while we adjust into our new surroundings.  

As always our latest news will be emailed via personal email and on our website gmbinba.org/heathrow

We apologise for any inconvenience

Yours in solidarity    

Your GMB Branch x54 Reps