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Gate Tick Sheets

In A Scale, A3 A4 Forum, Gates, HCS 2012 by GMB x54 Communications

It has come to our attention that the company this week (16th May) has introduced their Gate Tick Sheets at Terminal 5, which includes the Team Leader / Boarder 1 name. On top of this further reports have reached your reps that ePSFRs are being monitored in Terminal 3 and possible PPLs are being raised if the ePSFR isn’t being …

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UK General Election

In General Election, Labour by GMB x54 Communications

The UK will take to the polls on June 8th for the General Election. As a trade union the GMB works to protect our members in industrial disputes, health and safety and to protect terms and conditions, pay and jobs. Without going into the finer details, the trade union movement rely on both the strength of its membership and the …

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T5 Restroom Update

In #AirlinesOfGreed, A Scale, HCS 2012, T5 Facilities, TRMC by GMB x54 Communications

The GMB withdrew from the restroom meetings in June 2016 as the management did not listen to our request for separate restrooms. The GMB have always been consistent in our message to management, we want separate restrooms. We tried the experiment of shared restrooms when T5 opened. It didn’t work and our members suffered. We have all been informed that …

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MFU Continued Solidarity

In #BALowPayNoWay, Mixed Fleet by GMB x54 Communications

On the eve of further strike dates by Mixed Fleet members of Unite the Union, the GMB would again like to offer full support and solidarity. The next strike dates are 17th – 20th and 22nd – 25th February with demonstrations setup around Heathrow Airport. Unite have setup a Mixed Fleet Unite Hardship fund, please support these fellow union members …

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4th March NHS National Demonstration

In NHS by GMB x54 Communications

Our National Health Service is at breaking point. On the backdrop of continued cuts and closures, private companies seek to gain even more of a foothold within the NHS. Continued pay restraint has since the value of NHS staff salaries reduce by 14% since 2010 and there are now 25,000 nursing and 3,500 midwifery vacancies in NHS England alone. Theresa …

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Further Strike Dates – Mixed Fleet Unite

In #AirlinesOfGreed, #BALowPayNoWay, #BeFairBA, Mixed Fleet by GMB x54 Communications

Unite the Union have announced further strike dates for its members in BA mixed fleet cabin crew. The latest strike is due to take place on 19th January for 72 hours. In a previous article, the GMB union offered support and solidarity in their fight against poverty pay. Several GMB members attended the picket lines during the 48-hour strike action …

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Unite Mixed Fleet Dispute

In #AirlinesOfGreed, #BALowPayNoWay, #ToFlyToStarve, Mixed Fleet by GMB x54 Communications

Unite union members in Mixed Fleet have rejected the latest offer from BA. The company are now allowing non-union members the offer to be paid by the end of January. While the GMB is not involved in this dispute, we stand in solidarity with Mixed Fleet Unite members. This is a clear case of BA attempting to undermine the union …

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Mixed Fleet Strike Suspended

In #AirlinesOfGreed, #BALowPayNoWay by GMB x54 Communications

Unite the union has confirmed that Christmas and Boxing Day strikes by Mixed Fleet cabin crew have been suspended, following a revised offer from British Airways. The revised offer will now be put to their members. While the GMB is not involved in this dispute, we would like to again highlight the strength of feeling among all BA staff and the …