Clarification (Update 18)

In Coronavirus by GMB x54 Communications

Many of you have been asking for clarification regarding the furlough period and how it will work. 

The furlough period in the agreement is April 1st – May 31st, but you may be rotated to allow those of us at work to furlough later on.  Minimum furlough is 3 weeks, but they are then allowed to contact you and bring you back for a while and then furlough you again ( minimum 3 weeks ). BA will contact you when it is your time to come back.  

If everyone in your given skilled area is furloughed, then they may have the full 2 months, unless the business changes and you are needed back. You will be contacted and given sufficient notice of when you are due back. 

British Airways are in the process of setting up a hotline, where you will be able to contact someone from the company about pay, leave, swaps etc on an individual basis. This will be communicated to you shortly via One. 

It is really important to GMB that nobody feels isolated during this time, so the GMB will continue throughout to communicate with you at your private email address. If you need to contact us please only do this via email on 

Look out for webinars where you can take part and get the latest information. We will send further comms when we are able to set up our next webinar.  We know it’s a very strange and confusing time for you all, but please try not to worry. We are here looking after you.

Yours in solidarity

Your GMB X54 Reps