Reading Company Emails (Update 19)

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Many of you have been asking for clarity of furlough. The furlough period in the agreement is 1st April to 31st May 2020

We have been advised by our legal department that you cannot “make money for your employer” and or “provide services to your employer “ if furloughed. Therefore you CAN READ your BA emails whilst furloughed. 

An update was sent by Naida Sehovic, head of Resource planning and delivery. This can be read on your BA company email.

BRS & Furlough Preferences

Regarding the BRS & furloughing preference form, as a union, we cannot advise the best course of action for you. These are personal decisions that we all have to make. The preference form is an expression of interest and there are no guarantees on your preference.

Even if you are furloughed we still recommend you complete the preference form. 

The agreement reached by the GMB with British Airways in regards to the British Government Job Retention Scheme guarantees that you will come back to your job after a period of Furlough on the same Terms and Conditions. 

This furlough agreement is only until 31st May 2020. We await further communication from the government for future schemes. 

Keeping In Touch

It is important to GMB that nobody feels isolated during this time, so GMB will continue throughout to communicate with you to your private email address. Updates are also available on our website and on our Twitter account. If you need to contact us please only do this via email on

Yours in solidarity 

Your GMB reps