Furlough Update (Update 20)

In Coronavirus by GMB x54 Communications

As promised in previous communications, we want to keep you up to date with the latest stage of the furlough process.   

We have met with the company earlier today and been advised of the next steps in regard to Furloughing.

We hope that the following information will be useful for you, and give you an idea of what is going on, but as individuals, you will be contacted by the company to confirm your personal situation.

Recently you were asked to fill out a preference form , whether you were Furloughed or not , and these have been taken into account in this next stage .

The earliest date the first group of Furloughed staff can return is April 26th, and for those who requested to return to work this is likely when it will be.

Equally those at work who requested Furloughing will in effect swapped and become Furloughed from April 26th.

The next Furloughing changeover date is then expected to be May 3rd, where it is more likely that not every request can be honoured, and you may be Furloughed or asked to return to work against your wishes.
There is not a choice in this but every effort is being made to ensure the process is as fair as it can be.

If you work in Terminal 3 it is most likely you will stay furloughed, It is not an exact science though, and we applaud Resource Delivery for all their efforts on this, there are dependencies like particular skill codes, workgroups and rosters to take into account. 

We are now aware that the government has extended the furlough period to 30th June. This information has just been released and we will of course come back to you in due Course, with what this means to us. 

If you have a particular need and you wish to remain Furloughed this should be brought to the attention of the ASH Team on
0203 684 1998 or email them at:-


These are unprecedented times and please remember your GMB Union is always here for you. 

It is so important to keep talking despite the lockdown restrictions. Make that call or have that video chat and find time for those closest to you, even if you can’t see them in person. 

Our duty rep service has been scaled back (including our phone lines) but we continue to monitor our email account at dutyrep@gmbinba.org and we aim to answer as quickly as possible. 

GMB will continue throughout to communicate with you to your private email address. Updates are also available on our website gmbinba.org/heathrow and on our Twitter account.

Remember you are not alone. 

Yours in solidarity