Further Update (Update 23)

In Coronavirus by GMB x54 Communications

Dear Colleagues,

As previously communicated to you, GMB are advising their members and reps not to engage via electronic interfaces with the management team at this time because it breaches the terms of the furlough, and could jeopardise the Consultation 

The validity of the proposed redundancies is in doubt when: 
a) staff are furloughed and this flies in the face of the principle of the governments JRS scheme 
b) it is not possible to conduct meaningful negotiations under current conditions
c) other options remain on the table to mitigate these cuts, eg government support.

At the present time, your reps are unable to enter into discussion or conversations through our various communication channels with members due to the above points. 

We will continue to communicate via Email Newsletter, On our website gmbinba.org/heathrow and Social Media platforms when we are able to. 

We are aware there will be many unanswered questions at this time and appreciate your patience and understanding while this situation continues 

We are thinking about you all at this time and you can be assured that your Reps and Officers will be working relentlessly to get the possible outcome 

Please stay safe

Your GMB reps