BA Proposals to Cut Jobs (Update 24)

In Coronavirus by GMB x54 Communications

British Airways has announced that it intends to cut up to 12,000 jobs; but the GMB will not stand by as BA use the current crisis to attack our members while alternative solutions remain on the table.

The GMB and our sister trade union Unite stood shoulder to shoulder when BA attempted their first round of job cuts, we repeatedly called for BA not to act in haste. Sure enough, after the GMB led the charge, the government announced the Job Retention Scheme and we negotiated with BA to furlough 80% of staff instead of making them redundant.

Whilst options remain on the table – jobs can still be saved. BA and the sector will still need loyal, trained and skilled staff for the future.

The GMB believes that the current proposal to consult with staff who are furloughed is unlawful. It is shameless that BA have used taxpayer money to furlough staff and then moved so swiftly to make redundancies, this flies in the face of the spirit of the government’s Job Retention Scheme. 

Opportunism from BA will not be tolerated, not by the union and not by the public and passengers. At a time when everyone needs to do their bit for the greater good, BA must step up and act responsibly and fairly. 

We know this is a worrying time for so many of our members, but your reps are stretching every sinew to support you, your union is here for you.

Nadine Houghton

GMB National Officer