GMB Update (25)

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Dear GMB Member,

GMB Briefing

A detailed briefing will be sent to you soon, but as you will understand, we need to get this right. It is important that we do not compromise your legal rights by sharing incorrect information.

Public Reaction

In the meantime BA’s plans have provoked a huge hostile reaction from colleagues, MP’s and the general public. The unions at BA are doing everything we can to ensure that your voice is heard – on TV, social media and in Parliament.

Playing Your Part – Safely

As BA staff you have a crucial part to play – but we want to ensure that you do this safely.

So as a simple rule please avoid using your own personal social media to attack their plans.

But that doesn’t mean doing nothing.

We have identified three ways, at least, that you – and your friends and families – can register your opposition to BA’s plans.


We are encouraging our members, friends and families, to add their names to this petition:

This gives you the option for your name not to be displayed and you don’t need to forward it on further if you don’t wish to.

Writing to the Prime Minister

We would also like you to email the PM directly. There is a facility to use this via the following link:

We would be delighted if you could write your own message, but if you are unsure, why not cut and paste the following text. You can adapt it if you like, but bear in mind that it is already close to the 1000-character limit. Again we would request that your friends and family participate.

I am asking you to address the appalling way that BA are responding to the crisis in aviation.

They are planning to sack 12,000 employees whilst taking away the financial and other support that might have helped ease the transition.

They are taking taxpayers money through the Jobs Retention Scheme under false pretences as they cut jobs in the UK while putting yet more work out to India and Eastern Europe.

They are threatening to ‘fire and rehire’ the remaining workforce to force them onto new contracts and lower pay.

BA are trying to force this through over the next few weeks, not because they are on the verge of collapse, but to take advantage of a workforce which is mostly furloughed and feeling very vulnerable.

As Britain starts to recover from the first wave of the COVID crisis we wonder what kind of country we are waking up to.

This is happening to an iconic British brand, which still flies the flag on its tailfins.

It’s happening on your doorstep – it must not be ignored.

Contact your local MP

Finally, we are asking you to contact your local MP, drawing their attention to our situation. Feel free to use the above text and the following link:

Alternatively information on how to contact your MP can be found using the following link: